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Testimonial for Bobby Chandiramani & Ali Faulkner Explosive Growth Consulting from bobby chandiramani on Vimeo.


Bobby Chandiramani has been an absolute delight to work with. We run a complex Integrated Brain Optimization and Wellness Institute (www.mindandbodytreatment.com) in Southern California and were keen to consult with a seasoned Strategy and Branding Consultant. Bobby’s advise turned out to be a gift that keeps on giving each and every day.  He is not only a quintessential professional who goes above and beyond his calling but does it with remarkable zest and enthusiasm. When you work with Bobby, he represents your Brand at each and every opportunity with his heart, mind and soul. In the world of Marketing, Strategy and Brand Consulting, Bobby is a breath of fresh air personifying elegance, style and class. His laser sharp attention to our Websites, our Logos, our Marketing Materials and our Social Media Posts were unreservedly responsible for our ability to clearly articulate our offerings in a competitive market. In time, Bobby helped us define our brand that glows with his masterful touch (www.doctorsunder.com). Bobby is a genius of many trades with tons of rich experience and energy to boot. We continue to work with Bobby as he is not only prompt, charming, pleasant and easy to work with but delivers extraordinary value every single time for our investment. If you are looking to supercharge your business, obtain clarity, define your brand and be on top of your game, I would highly recommend Bobby. 

Dr Keerthy Sunder, Mind and Body Treatment Institute 


I met Bobby at a professional development conference. While I was there to develop new skills, Bobby was taking his existing skills to a whole new level. As we talked and compared notes over the four days I was struck by how he approached life with creativity, enthusiasm, and passion. In discussing my work, Bobby’s creativity helped shape my plans for implementing the new skills. As my plans evolved, his enthusiasm and passion propelled me forward in the execution of those plans. Since the conference, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Bobby on my marketing and branding. He is an expert in this discipline and is exceptionally skilled and insightful. His guidance in the experience my products bring to my customers has been outstanding! This is not based on my opinion, but on feedback from my growing customer base.

Bobby is a marketing and branding genius, he is incredible!  Bobby has the skills you are looking for. 

Michael Hackman, PMP  Space Weather Services, LASP


Working with Bobby gave me renewed hope when I felt overwhelmed from attending a number of marketing and branding workshops.  He has a way of tapping into your gifts and your unique branding message in a way that provides clarity and renewed confidence. 

In our conversations he help me to get to the essence of who and what I'm about while affirming me and providing me with simple strategies to allow me to redirect and streamline my marketing message which gave me peace of mind and helped me to get reenergized to work on my branding. 

He is wise and kind hearted - making your whole branding message clear as well as what is going on underneath the surface. 

Victoria Brown, Leadership and Business Development Strategist


Bobby helped me walk thorough a marketing strategy season which he guided me to creatively consider aspects of my business. We came up with impactful ways to position our value offering to be more effective and desirable. I recommend his service as a “Chief Creative Officer for the Day” to other business leaders looking to think outside the box on product and marketing matters.  

Lance Manning, CEO of LanguageMAPS


Bobby has incredible creative instincts and the ability to sift through the mundane to generate positive outcomes. He lives in a world of infinite possibilities and readily identifies opportunity. He helps create momentum for businesses and sustain that with creative excellence through strategy, & insight, I highly recommend Bobby if you are serious about growth. 

Dave Lopez, Harvard MBA, Marketing Guru, Former VP Neiman Marcus and David Yurman 

Bobby is one of the most talented, creative, out of the box thinkers I have ever met. He extremely good at what he does.  His strategies of tapping into both seen and unseen opportunities has been very impressive.  Bobby has completely rebranded our company and placed us front and center in our market.  Although we had a successful business we are now exciting and reaching  new clients. The confidence and momentum we’ve gained in capturing the 21st marketing place cannot overstated. If you think your at the top of our game, I guarantee you he will create a new level of excellence you didn’t know existed.

Scot Herndon, Rose Casual Luxury Outdoor Furniture http://www.rosecasual.com


Bobby Schandra is amazing! He embraced my company's marketing needs with open arms. His energy is contagious. He ate, slept and worked with "fudge" on his brain!  Bobby created a new look for my logo and my website, helped with packaging ideas and provided marketing guidance along the way.  I would highly recommend Bobby for any marketing challenge!

Kelly Dixon, Founder, Offenbacher Fudge www.offenbacherfudge.com 

As Co-Founder of StatSlice Systems, Inc., a Dallas-based technology consulting company focused on business analytics, one of my primary responsibilities is to grow the visibility of our brand and stay top of mind with our customer base.  Bobby Chandiramani was able to provide me with valuable insight in this regard, especially in the areas of SEO optimization and content marketing, including newsletters and email campaigns.  His feedback pointed to areas which I hadn't considered but turned out to be vital aspects of our current methods.  We now have our content marketing machine up and running smoothly.  He also provided sales strategy consulting, which led to improvements in our sales process.  

Jared Decker, Founder, StatSlice Systems


Bobby has helped my career in so many ways. As an actress, it requires a lot of creativity in taking my career in the direction I want to go. That's where Bobby comes in... 

From creating incredible marketing materials, to helping me get the biggest interviews on the red carpet, to developing a step by step plan of action, to helping me learn what roles to say yes to and no to, Bobby's business coaching covers every area necessary and is the absolute best. His talent is vast and undeniable.

Not only is he an expert marketing and PR consultant, but he's also a truly incredible person to work with. He always wants the best for his clients, and he believes in them as much as they do and sees their highest potential. He'll have your business looking top notch, and have you feeling great about it. That's what the stars are made of... and that's what Bobby is. 

Ali Faulkner, Movie Star Actress; Twilight


I am so grateful to have been able to work with Bobby Schandra and highly recommend him as a mentor and coach. 

He shines in every aspect of the business from sales, to designs, to mentoring, and so much more. I knew from the first meeting that my apparel business was going to succeed with his guidance. He demonstrated patience, assertiveness, persistence and motivation through each part of the process. We started with the ins and out of the business, to the actual structure of the women’s apparel brand IZAVEL that I had just launched. We also completely revamped the website which has gotten more hits than imaginable. One of the most useful tools that he demonstrated through his coaching was the art of selling. He coached me in different areas when speaking with clients and to buyers which has been a turning point for the business. He walked into the different boutiques that my line could be carried in and gave me tips and told me what to say and how to say to attract the owner/buyer of the store. It was amazing to watch in action and has been just one of the important tools he shared in such a short amount of time. I am overly satisfied with everything that I have learned and will continue to ask for his guidance.

Isabel Varela, Founder of IZAVEL –Luxury Women’s Clothing Line


I have known Bobby for about a decade.  We started our careers at Johnson & Johnson together as Professional Sales Reps.  I instantly had an affinity for Bobby's passion and motivation for success.  It was no surprise to me that right out of the gates, Bobby was a top Sales Professional for the Company, earning many accolades such as Rep of The Year and winning many competitions related to growth.  He was among the best and was recognized by the Company as the youngest and brightest!!!  

 My first 5 years with the Company was not as successful as Bobby's.  I had what you would call a good career and mediocre sales results.  I was off the radar sort of speak, not earning any accolades but also not being disciplined for lack of sales.  I was what they call, a "core performer" but not a Sales Professional at the top of their game.  This is when I reached out to Bobby to learn about his core fundamental values and beliefs.  I was eager to learn how in such as short time, he was able to be an incredible Sales Professional.  My strengths were planning and execution but I was lacking the ability to inspire my customers to change and this is what I hungered for from Bobby's coaching.  

Over a course of a year, we would meet for coffee where I would pick his brain on what makes him tick to be the best of the best.  He coached and inspired never to be satisfied and never to be content with satisfaction.  It was his ability to connect with customers, regardless of the industry, that i was motivated by.  He coached that getting your customers to see the end result or goal was by experiencing some tough challenges and turbulences caused by taking risks.

 These are the core principles that have inspired me to be the top Sales Professional in my industry and has allowed me to be a better father and husband.  Life is about making mistakes and taking challenges.  If not, what's the point of living?  Taking these leaps is what great coaches encourage and inspire because this is what helps us ll grow. Thank you Bobby for inspiring change and motivation!!!!

Ron Zepeda Johnson & Johnson Vision Care,Inc.


Bobby has the most up to date knowledge and resources for sales, marketing, and promotions I have ever seen. I believe his ability to stay on top of his game comes from him being and owner of multiple businesses and brands. His finest quality though is his ability to motivate, inspire, and push you to success.Since I’ve been working with Bobby for the last year, Ive become clear about my vision, my business has doubled, my brand recognition has significantly grown. Bobby knows how to grow businesses!,

 George Beradze, Dallas Matress Company 


I am honored to have been asked to say a thing or two about Bobby. I met Bobby for the first time in August 2012 as a potential customer at his flagship store in the Dallas Market Center. Over the years I have been in and out of his store making few purchases and conversing with his parents who are also his business partners. Bobby and I spoke once a while in passing mainly hi's and byes until September 2015 our small talk in passing turned into a life changing experience for me. 

Coincidentally, Bobby and I have a few things in common which we never knew until that life changing conversation in September. We both attended Texas Tech University and we both worked for Johnson & Johnson at some point in our careers. To me, this was some kind of sign that something good would come from our conversation. I had been considering starting a business in the grooming industry (hair, nails, etc) and this particular day Bobby happened to ask me what I've been up to lately. I shared with him my areas of interest and my dream of one day becoming a serial entrepreneur. Bobby willingly began to feed me tips and strategies on how to go about achieving my dreams and gave me valuable advice on what to avoid and what to pursue. 

He then mentioned a new venture he is working on that would revolutionize the grooming industry. He dropped everything and moved to LA to begin this venture. To me, the stars aligned as this would be an opportunity to have a seasoned entrepreneur that understands the area of business that I have interest in to be my guide. I humbly asked if he would be my mentor and thankfully he agreed. 

 Knowing he had to leave for LA soon I hurriedly scheduled some time for us to meet and tap into his knowledge. Although his hourly consultations come at a cost, it is worth every dollar. There is something genuine about Bobby's spirit and the business tips he gives. Honestly I am glad I met him and not to go all "religious" on anyone reading this but I believe Bobby was God sent as all I am learning from him right now could not have happened at a better time in my life. 

Thank you Bobby and I look forward to your our next mentoring session and the great things you will do in your future endeavors.  

Bawo Oyowe Entrepreneur 


I found Bobby Schandra sitting in the back of his shop working out stuff on his Mac computer.  In 5 minutes he showed me what my Logo, website and brand could be.  His Ideas on branding have been instrumental to the success of our start up business.  We are what we are because of Bobby’s focus on making our brand a luxury salon, the only one of its kind in South Texas.  Bobby has helped us with Advertising and with marketing to our clients keeping us focused on our client base.  He was on point with our giving back program:  Ladies Night Out. Our monthly ladies night features a local charity we plan a fun night out and we give a percentage of that day’s proceeds to the charity and raise awareness of what they are doing in our area.

Carllyn Walker founder of Primped, The Style Bar & Candy Nail Bar 


When we hired Bobby Schandra for consulting our labor of love was at a standstill. Our three year old company had outstanding customer loyalty, testimonials and growth potential but our ecommerce infrastructure was flawed and prohibiting our growth.  After hiring other consultants that resulted in little change, we hired Bobby to audit our ecommerce site. Within our first meeting, Bobby was able to successfully diagnose numerous issues with the total user experience for our online store AND offer solution oriented dialogue. 

We have now implemented these changes have already seen a huge ROI, we had record breaking numbers during CYBER Monday and our Facebook campaigns have gotten better results.   

Bobby Schandra will be an integral part of our business team moving forward. He strength is staying ahead of the trends and forecasting opportunities. Without question, his insight is an invaluable component of our company's growth and sustainability model. Highly recommended. 

X's and O's all day,

Stephanie  mommy & founder  Wash with Water®  

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